Season 6 ncis los angeles finale

In tonights episode, the case involving arkady and. Its going to be a bit of an event episode due to one of the guest stars, and it. The sixth season of the police procedural drama ncis premiered on september 23, 2008. They did, however, end on a major cliffhanger that alluded to some potential. The good news is the jag reunion cant be over on ncis.

The series was two episodes shy of completing its entire episode order when the season 11 finale. Season 6 premiere behind the scenes cbs sync check out all the work that went into the season 6 premiere of ncis. There are undercover identities and international cities involved. Meanwhile, hetty is under investigation in washington, d. The story was planned as a twoparter, and a version of that second episode will now be in season 12, although showrunner frank military has noted that it wont be the season opener.

Hill, but the investigation took a sharp turn to be about drugs and terrorism. The below contains major spoilers for the season 10 finale of ncis. Since the season finale is about to air, they added that theyd miss the team and hoped it get renewed for season 12. Highlights from the eighteenth episode of season 5 of ncis. New orleans cast during season 6 finale of the show. Sam ll cool j, callen chris odonnell and rountree caleb castille travel to afghanistan when marine lieutenant colonel sarah.

Everything we know so far about sam hannas past ncis. Lets take an inventory of what went right, what went wrong, and where the ncis osp. Tv14 43min action, crime, drama episode aired april 2015. The season 10 ending was also the highlyanticipated jag crossover, but what happened in the ncis. Instead, kensi and deeks are assumed by a stranger to occupy colorful professions, as revealed in this sneak peek from cbs ncis. Despite several team members having grave reservations, ncis travels to mexico for a daring mission to locate and rescue mosleys son, on backtoback episodes of the ninth season finale of ncis. New orleans season finale is going to feature ncis deputy director ezra van cleef on sunday night. The new ncis director leon vance played by rocky carroll became a regular cast character and agent gibbs new. The episode is entitled, chernoff k, and it turns out that were going to. Tv guide talked with executive producer frank military to get some insight. The main characters are callen an agent with the past, his partner sam hanna an expert on. As we have previously reported, the current season is. Recently, cbs delivered the new, official synopsisspoilers for their upcoming ncis.

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