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Omar series famine year, plague and death of hazrat abu ubaida ra episode 30 urdu, hindi me and my world for copyrights. Umar also spelled omar was one of the most powerful and influential muslim caliphs in history. Episode 22 death of abu bakr, umar becomes caliph, battle of. H the final legacy is islam channels first epic drama film series. Mbc omar series episode 24 english internet archive.

We found it difficult to call you successor of the. Get your team aligned with all the tools you need on one secure, reliable video platform. Second khalifa e rashid, hazrat muhammad peace be upon him pray for islam of hazrat umar r. A lavish suspense filled drama, set in a long gone era, that tells the stories of omar ibn alkhattab and those around him. Omar the epic series episode 23 on air promo mnctv official. Umar series ya is tarah ki movies dekhna jayiz hai by engineer muhammad ali mirza duration.

It is filmed in arabic with english subtitles with over 203 syrian, jordanian and lebanese famous artists. I offer you to share the link to your contacts inshallah. He succeeded abu bakr 632634 as the second caliph of the rashidun caliphate on 23 august 634. Episode 22 death of abu bakr, umar becomes caliph, battle of yarmouk. Piece be with all of you i am from germany and i love the story of umar ibn khattab so much and wish a lot more people could watch it in their languages. The series is based on the life of omar, one of the prophet mohammads best companions and the second caliph of islam. Providing a comprehensive view of islam and muslims to cultivate peace, promote universal values, and dialogue among civilizations since 1995. True muslim engineer muhammad ali mirza recommended for you 6. Hazrat yousaf a s episode 22 urdu islamic movie youtube. The history of all nations put together does not contain even a. He was a senior companion of the islamic prophet muhammad. Among them are sajah the false prophet, sajah the soothsayer, and.

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