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The national archives has custody of a wide assortment of both textual documents and electronic records related to the vietnam conflict. Ex royal artillery officer joins new zealand army, serves two tours in vietnam. Enlarge this series primarily consists of command chronologies of u. The story of a drafted, civilian attorney serving as an army lawyer in vietnam gives this book a unique perspective.

Rg 112 office of the surgeon general rg 319 army staff rg 334 records of interservice. Soviet union and china were supporting the north while u. Exreme soldier emigrates to usa and joins us army, serves with 101 airborne lrrps in vietnam. North vietnamese army soldier 195875 osprey publishing. We would be organized militarily, but we would have to break the bad habit, of trying to fight a conventional war in a guerrilla warfare environment.

How naval intelligence shaped the vietnam war government. Chester cooper unlike the majority of men in either the johnson or nixon administrations, cooper constantly encouraged a political solution over a military solution to the conflict in vietnam. We design, manufacture, import, distribute, wholesale and retail a vast range of products and brands. More than a decade later, he returned to his former battlegrounds and recorded his journey in goodbye vietnam. Command chronologies reports index this series of records was created between april 1962 and june 1987, it contains documents that describe events that occurred as early as april 1952. Vietnam war in literature a vast body of literature has been dedicated to the vietnam war 195475, including scientific research volumes, fiction stories, autobiographical accounts and poetry. This literature, although dealing mostly with the participation of the united states in the war and the consequences of this, is not solely of american. It discloses particularly difficult times in the pavns struggle. Layers of political organization, military strategy, offensive tactics, and logistical operations shaded the struggle to win in south vietnam. The team at military shop has been proudly providing quality products to military, police and security organisations and their members for over 20 years. He served in the 5th special forces group in vietnam from 196970 and subsequently in airborne infantry, longrange patrol, and intelligence assignments until retiring after 26 years. The viet cong was the military wing of the national liberation front. Vietnam war is one of the most important and longest wars in the u.

Bibliography of the vietnam war clemson university. Ward, including jazz, the war and, most recently, the roosevelts, it stands in its own right as a richly illustrated work which utilises evocative primary sources to the full. It looks at operations in vietnam in the context of the tactics, operational philosophy, training, and equipment of the units sent to fight there. He served in the 5th special forces group in vietnam in 196970 and subsequently in airborne infantry, longrange patrol and. The viet cong would never again fight effectively as a cohesive force. This is a poll about the iraq war and how people compared the iraq war to the vietnam war and the korean war.

From his encounters with exvietnamese soldiers to interviews with victims of his own violence, broyles memoir is a reminder of how the brotherhood of man can. Home the nco leadership center of excellence nco in vietnam, their role and impact in combat. This book provides detailed information about how us army units were organized and operated in americas longest war. The official history of the peoples army of vietnam, 1954 1975 2002, hanois official history, translated by m l pribbenow this detailed account describes the ebb and flow of the war as seen from hanoi.

Commonly mistaken for the locally raised viet cong guerrillas, the nva was in fact an entirely different force for the democratic republic of vietnam. Vietnam war, 19611975 examinations, questions, etc. Despite this victory, unity of command over the ground war in south vietnam eluded westmoreland, as did overall control of u. Marine corps units that served during the time of the vietnam conflict, and includes the records of those units that served in vietnam as well as domestically and throughout the world. This book tells the compelling story of the average us infantryman in vietnam. The north vietnamese army is often forgotten by the histories of the vietnam war 19551975. It really helped me in my paragraph in which i describe that approval of the vietnam war gradually decreased over the span of the war. Captain blakes experiences accentuate many of the troublesome aspects of the war, including the draft, authority of commanding generals, domestic demand for troop withdrawal, and in the end, the manufacture and delivery of. Vietnams forgotten army is a powerful account of irony, coincidence and history as it traces the path of south vietnams army of the republic of vietnam arvn from beginning to end. Before he penned the screenplays for jarhead and castaway, a young william broyles enlisted to serve in the vietnam war. Complete organized chaos for the new guys would begin as we landed in vietnam.

Willbanks, a retired army colonel, who has written widely about the war, in which the author recommends ten essential books that should be on every historians bookshelf. List of books and articles about vietnam war in literature. Army combat reconnaissance and ranger campaign of the vietnam war represented an important military adjunct to regular operations throughout the prolonged conflict. Practically speaking, there wasnt much the united nations could do to stop the vietnam war.

Both sides, the north and south vietnam were fighting against each other. A complete illustrated reference to us army combat and support forces in vietnam, 19611973 stackpole military classic by shelby l. Composed entirely of volunteers from such ace fighting units as the army green berets, air force air commandos, and navy seals, sog took on the most dangerous. Books about nurses serving during vietnam both fiction and nonfiction score a books total score is based on multiple factors, including the number of people who have voted for it and how highly those voters ranked the book. Schiffer publishing weapons and field gear of the north vietnamese army and viet cong field gear and inert weapons and ordnance have long been popular items with militaria collectors. Organized chaos, seemed like a contradiction in terms, but after a few weeks in vietnam, it seemed plausible. Peoples army of vietnam pavn and viet cong vc troops throughout the south attacked in force for the first time in the war.

The leading voice of the clausewitzian school was u. The permanent members of the united nations security council included three nations with opposing interests in the outcome of the war the united states. Us army infantryman in vietnam 196573 osprey publishing. Beginning with conscription, enlistment, basic training, and advanced individual training at the armed forces induction center at fort polk the infamous tigerland, it goes on to explore the daytoday realities of service in vietnam, from routine tasks at the firebase to searchanddestroy. A collection of photo illustrated war and post war vignettes, short stories, war nightmares, war poetry and travel writing by a vietnam combat medic. The virtual vietnam archive of the vietnam project, at texas tech university, has placed online the full texts of a huge quantity of documents and other materials relating to the. Vietnam war bibliography cmh is on a roll lately, after their ww2 collection, they digitized the ten books of the us army in vietnam series. I only used the poll for the vietnam war, as it was the only poll that mattered. A film by ken burns and lynn novick ken burns and lynn novicks tenpart, 18hour documentary series, the vietnam war, tells the epic story of one of the most consequential, divisive, and controversial events in american history as it. The vietnam war has scarred, transformed and inspired countless writers and art practitioners. It has incited many authors, historians and scholars, military and civilian alike, to.

The nlf was supported by the north as most of the viet cong initially were comm. Weapons and field gear of the north vietnamese army and. Military shop supplies quality products to organisations, businesses and individuals. Interested readers can now purchase a hard copy from the government printing office gpo, or download a digital copy for free from nhhcs website here. To link to this object, paste this link in email, im or document. Gordon l rottman entered the us army in 1967, volunteered for special forces and completed training as a weapons specialist. Written by recognized authorities, this readyreference volume provides essential information all in. The vietnam war is the companion volume to the 10part, 18hour ken burns pbs documentary series of that name but like other books coauthored by him and geoffrey c.

Every cration meal contained a single fourpack of cigarettes. The naval history and heritage command published the final entry in its vietnam war book series, end of the saga. Using clausewitzian theory and the classical principles of war, the book attempts to place the vietnam war in domestic context as well as in the context of war itself. Nursing during the vietnam war the vietnam war was the longest war ever fought by u. Numberone gi a troop who spends a lot of money in vietnam numberten gi a troop who barely spends money in vietnam ok sahlem term american soldiers had for villagers children who would beg for menthol cigarettes. Cam, whose name means printed silk and for walter mcdonalds for kelly, missing in action. Andrew is the author of british army handbook 19141918 sutton, 2006 and lives in majorca.

The viet nam war was, unquestionably, americas longest war and a war that deeply divided america in the sixties and seventies. The vietnam war by its very nature offers an incredible range and variety of these items for the interested collector. Essential vietnam war reading vietnam veterans of america. The essential reference guide provides a compendium of the key people, places, organizations, treaties, and events that make up the history of the war, explaining its causes, how it was conducted, and its farreaching consequences. Military history institute of vietnam, victory in vietnam. Patrol units were formed as field expedient organizations out of battlefield necessity, and their employment varied according to higher command objectives and terrain dictates. Most air and naval operations outside of south vietnam, including rolling thunder, were carried out by the commander in chief, pacific, and his air and naval commanders from. Armys military history institute, in middlesex, pennsylvania, has placed some useful material in its army heritage collection online. Codenamed the studies and observations group, sog was the most secret elite u. I am yet to read a better general history of the war than michael maclears vietnam. While the list of books about this conflict includes hundreds of enlightening works, we pick ten of the best texts offering illuminating perspectives on.

Much of that portion of the cold war era is now declassified, illuminating the contributions of the naval intelligence establishment. National vietnam examination, by students for a democratic society u. Vietnam war bibliography armchair general and historynet. The best histories of the vietnam war council on foreign. Essay on nursing during the vietnam war 675 words bartleby. The vast majority of the documents in this series were created between 1965 and 1979. The september issue of armchair general magazine contains an article, 10 essential vietnam war books by james h. Those who pay attention to small details will notice also that the subtitle of the anthology. The north vietnamese and their puppet troops of the national liberation.

United states news media and the vietnam war wikipedia. Most of these chronologies include four common sections of information. This corrected reprint edition of carrying the darkness incorporates a number of corrections to the original edition, including accurate texts for john balabans the dragonfish and for mrs. All are available for download in pdf for free, thousands of pages of firstrate reading material. The us was invited by the south vietnamese to assist them in their fight against the viet cong. The army and vietnam differs in a unique way in that it looks at how the war was fought from the perspective of army doctrine.

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