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Subaru stage 2 power package wrx hatch 20112014 cobb tuning. Also, once i got a flat tire and i had to put the subwoofer enclosure in the back seat because the full sized flat took up the entire trunk and theres no way it would fit with the box there too. I want to install my subwoofer in the forester but since the car is on lease, i would like to keep the head unit and not affect the. Next, you select the type of enclosure you want to simulate. Fitting on the drivers side the sh10 has an incredibly small foot print, taking up very. A subwoofer box for your 0207 subaru impreza will make a dynamic change to your sound system.

Audio enhancers subwoofer and speaker boxes and enclosures made in the usa. Subaru sub boxes 2 2 toyota sub boxes 8 volkswagen sub boxes. It is often overlooked, but every great car audio system features a subwoofer enclosure purposely selected to maximize subwoofer performance. Best sub enclosure for 0809 hatches audio integrations. Performance exhaust systems, intakes and more for the 20082014 subaru wrx and sti hatchback. Bassbox pro is very versatile and can be used to design speakers for a wide variety of. Website pricing is for reference only and is subject to change without notice.

That dd sub is a competition style sub, if you put it in a small ebay junker box it wont sound nearly as good. Build a ported box, sealed box for your lowfrequency speaker. It is designed, engineered, and assembled in the u. Otherwise it looks like building a box can be just as clean. Subwoofer box design software 3d sub box calculator. You get the accessport tuning convenience, a big increase in power and torque from a freeflowing turboback exhaust, and a stage 2 tune. Last year i traded in my old tc for a brand new 2011 wrx, a car i had been lusting after forever. We carry the custom sub enclosure and affordable sub box youre looking for. Subaru ss 3 turboback exhaust wrx hatch 20112014, sti. It bugged me that the ai enclosure stuck out into the usable width of the trunk. I just got my copy of termpro and just messing around with it i gotta say its pretty damn incredible. Subwoofer system utilizes existing hardware locations for secure and intuitive mounting.

Diy cheap under the seat subwoofer subaru xv crosstrek forums. Im trying the ps1x12 sub as a start but if i find the larger subenclosure cumbersome i might go with this option. It would be a shame to have to leave an expensive wheel sitting on the side of the road if it wouldnt fit in the trunk and you had no means to unbolt the enclosure to temporarily relocate it to the back seat or if you had to put a dirty fullsized flat in the back seat and mess up your clothleather especially if its desert beige. Aj vented designer provides an easy to use interface to solve vented or ported box parameters. Aug 07, 2015 installing a cargo tray trunk mat with the factory subwoofer in a 2016 wrx. Coming from a 2004 volvo s60r with over 350 hp was a hard decision. Speaker enclosure design software atrend usa custom. If someone has pics of the oem sub enclosure and how it sits id love to see. Sih1008 0820 subaru wrx sti hatch 10 inch perfect fit enclosure. It is used around the world by professional and amateur speaker system designers to design worldclass speaker boxes. This product is made from highgrade materials to meet the strictest standards of high quality. Designed with the utmost care and attention to detail, this atrends product ensures superior reliability high quality at an.

We designed the dd box to meet the needs of listeners desiring big bass that didnt have the cargo room for a wall of subwoofers. Hey all, just got a 2017 civic hatchback lx and upgraded the stock stereo. I think they have metal bracketsbolts the mount on the hatch light and cargo net retainer bracket bolt holes, iirc. If you open up the undertheseat subwoofer cabinet, youll see that the cabinet is hollow. Subwoofer enclosures car subwoofer boxes at sonic electronix.

The research that led to the development of the dd box is at the core of our subwoofer design philosophy, and the outstanding performance of our. Just developed a couple new subwoofer enclosures, lmk what you think. I just saw audio integrations is coming out with a sub enclosure for the 0809 hatches. A good sub will of course sound fantastic with hip hop, dub step and techno, but a lot of people are not aware of the clarity and intelligibility it will bring to all types of music. This enclosure will fit the impreza wrx and sti wagon models. I install rockford fosgate r2s1x10 sub and rockford fosgate r500x1d amp in my. Drop a component sub into an enclosure, power it with the right amp, and enjoy a new dimension to your music. Nov 10, 2008 082010 subaru wrx sti hatch sh10 perfect fit enclosure install by audio integrations. Vehicle custom subwoofer enclosure boxes for subaru. Speaker enclosure design software february 22, 2012 dmitry osipov 1 comment weve talked before about deciding to buy or build your own sub woofer enclosure. When i ran my hand over the seams of the enclosure, you can easily feel air coming out. Cheapie sub upgrade using rockford fosgate ps8 ford. It may surprise you to learn that a sub box can make or break the perfect setup. Calculate speaker box volume, port length and other parameters without getting confused in formulas.

Audio integrations sub check sound deadening check factory cargo net check jdm spec c 12l water tank check alky control meth kit check i still. Search over 800 listings to find the best local deals. Diy cheap under the seat subwoofer subaru xv crosstrek. Pioneer tsswx2502 10 inch shallowmount preloaded enclosure. So now im working on the sub enclosuresub amp rack. Apparently, the plastic obstruction down in that cavity was a little deceiving when i was taking measurements and its causing an issue with fitment on that side. I tried the daytons in a ported box in the back for a little while it didnt take long before i was really frustrated with not having any usable hatch space. We have a wide variety of professionally constructed sub boxes, built. Kevin moderator sinisters blowoff valve faq wrx gas mileage faq sinisters progress thread 430whp 429wtq sold firearms enthusiasts thread the sheriffs star at the bottom left corner rates a users reputation. Aj audio subwoofer box enclosure design software sub. The striking sound of harman kardon audio transforms any subaru drive into an exhilarating adventure. Constructed out of hand laid fiberglass for its durability and lightweight.

Subwoofer boxes car audio subwoofers accessories subwoofer boxes. Both vehicles will have a fair amount of custom fiberglass work done to them, one more for show, and one for demo of our perfect fit subwoofer enclosure and amplifier rack. Audio integrations perfect fit solutions order page for. Single 12 subwoofer angled truck or hatchback box enclosure. Redesign the enclosure so i have a driver and passenger side different models. A good enclosure should hold some of that vibration in.

Bassbox pro box design software bassbox pro is a stateoftheart speaker enclosure design program. If you do some research on sub enclosures, youll find that its better to use some fill as it will improve the sub s performance. You have a choice of closed, vented or bandpass boxes with a total of 18 different variations. This 2015 subaru wrx sti custom installation includes kenwood multimedia navigation, fiberglass molded subwoofer enclosures, special in dash k40 led indicators, and laser diffusers painted to match the cars. The oem audio plus subwoofer system for the subaru wrx sti delivers deep, nonlocalized bass reproduction that is impactful and accurate.

Weekendvaca car so not as concerned with cargo loss on enclosure. Just developed a couple new subwoofer enclosures, lmk what. Subaru ss 3 turboback exhaust wrx hatch 20112014, sti hatch. Providing subwoofer design software programs for solving the required calculations for custom bandpass, sealed and vented box cabinet designs. Sih1008 0820 subaru wrx sti hatch 10 inch perfect fit. Designed from the ground up specifically for the subaru wrxsti hatchback. There are quite a few different enclosure design software programs out there. Each piece is cnc cut for precise fitment, and assembled by veteran installers w the highest grade materials.

Installing a cargo tray trunk mat with the factory subwoofer in a 2016 wrx. Best sub enclosure for 0809 hatches audio integrations jump to latest follow. Adapt your car to use standard speakers instead of the manufacturerspecific speakers installed at the factory. Featuring sub boxes and sub enclosures made for specific drivers and vehicles. Aj bandpass designer is an easytouse program that helps solving the required calculations for custom bandpass box cabinet designs. Thunderform vehicle specific subwoofer enclosures mtx audio. I had to cut the wires crimp some ends and added some line out adapters. Digital designs has blueprints for sub boxes, you need a certain amount of cubic feet of air space inside the box for the sub to work to its full potential. Our hatch enclosures are ideal since they direct the bass waves at an angle towards the rear of the vehicle to produce maximum performance from your subwoofers. Amplified models include an integrated high efficiency amplifier and custom. I just recently signed for a 4 years lease of a 2017 subaru forester xt. Subaru impreza subwoofer enclosures super crew sound.

Scrub the enclosure idea and just go with ib dash adapters. Ive done research and everything, decided i want a new hu alpine probs, new front speakers, amplifier, sub and swijack so i can still use the steering wheel controls. This enclosure fits close to the back seat and allows for an amplifier to be mounted in between. The oem audio plus subwoofer system for the subaru wrx sti delivers deep. Enjoy deep, nonlocalized bass response without losing your trunk.

All of the speaker cutouts and corners are made by router for an exact fit every time. Subaru stage 2 power package wrx hatch 20112014 cobb. Recently bought a 2011 wrx and i want to upgrade the sound system because its pretty pitiful. Sealed sub enclosure subwoofer box for a subaru brz brz 1 12 sub. People have said to get the hu first thats where the main problem is with the wrx. Subaru says they are incompatible, but they can be made to work together by doing a little modification. Can be used for car, truck, sport utility vehicle suv, jeep automotive, guitar and home theater applications and projects. For over 20 years mtx has been manufacturing thunderform vehicle specific custom enclosures that are designed to be installed in space that would otherwise go unused in your vehicle. For most designs that the novice box builder will attempt there are a few i could recommend. The cobb stage 2 power package is a simple bolton and tuning solution for your 20112014 subaru wrx hatch.

Being able to fit wide items in the hatch is something i need occasionally. Share bassbox pro box design software bassbox pro is a stateoftheart speaker enclosure design program. Each piece is cnc cut for precise fitment, and assembled by veteran installers w the. The cargo well in the floor can also be fully accessed without having to remove the enclosure. Subwoofer location custom fiberglass enclosure on drivers side rear hatch vendor said a utility hook is removed from my car inspect screw for sizing and there is a small dimple on the custom subwoofer where you drill a hole to mount it to that stock former hook location. At zenclosures, we have all your custom sub enclosure needs including vehicle specific subwoofer enclosures, affordable subwoofer enclosures, and so much more. The pioneer tsswx2502 10 inch shallowmount preloaded enclosure. Subwoofer enclosure design software free download subwoofer. I thought i would share this since i didnt see many pics in the forum when i was researching upgrades for my own setup. Wrx subwoofer box this is a compact wrx subwoofer box designed specifically for the 2015 and 2016 subaru wrx. This is a compact wrx subwoofer box designed specifically for the 2015 and 2016 subaru wrx. An innovative approach to mobile audio installations. We can provide you with comprehensive subwoofer box design software for creating a high performance bass box. Perfect fit solutions are vehicle specific fiberglass subwoofer enclosures and amplifier racks designed to fit the contours of your cars trunk, taking up as little space as possible and giving you a more complete custom look.

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